This is a test!

For this test to work, open this webpage in a new incognito window.
In a new tab in the same incognito window open https://courses.htuniversity.online/

Then follow the scenario below.

The following button links directly to the affiliate code from the HT University account of  [email protected]

With following parameters:

20% commission

No course restriction


1. Click the affiliate link and purchase the course: “TEST COURSE 1” for 2€

2. On login: Use an existing account, or create a new one, that is not registered as admin!

3. Complete purchase

4. Log out. For example by closing all windows and opening a new incognito window.

5. Without using affiliate link. Go directly to courses.htuniversity.online and login with same account as purchase.

6. Purchase course: “TEST COURSE 2” for 2€ with a different payment method. 

7. Complete purchase.



FINAL: Check on user/affiliate account [email protected] if affiliate commission received for TEST COURSE 1 and/or TEST COURSE 2